What is Asset Management?

Assets are an essential parts of any business/Organizations. Although the kind of Assets a Company owns varies in several ways but one thing that’s common for each Organization is the value that those Assets hold.

Assets are of two types: Tangible Assets and Intangible Assets.

Tangible Assets are all the physical assets that can be touched and seen. For example: machines, vehicles, computers, furniture & fixture.

Intangible Assets are the ones that cannot be touched physically but are very valuable. For

example: agreements, software, licenses and so on. What is ASSET MANAGEMENT:

Asset Management allows you to keep track of all your Assets. It can identify where the assets

are located and how they are used. Since management of Assets is one of the key factors for any

organization and there are no room for error in this and a well-maintained Asset register results in

increased ROI for any Company. It accounts for an effective business management strategy for

growth and profit.

What are the benefits of Asset Management:

Asset Management has several benefits that plays very vital role in proper management and

growth of a Company/Organization.

  • Allows you to keep track of all the Assets.
  • Manage Assets from different locations in an accurate manner.
  • Asset recovery is automatically reflected in an Asset Management system.
  • Asset Management can help optimize your operations.

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